Portrait of Lynn

The World of Lilly Street

Lilly Street founder, designer and classically trained goldsmith Lynn Gambino, captures inspiration for each creation through a lifelong passion for art, literature, ancient studies, nature and the cosmos.

The Lilly Street fine jewelry collection is produced exclusively in New York City. Socially and ethically mined materials, fine artisanal craftsmanship, timeless symbolism of the visible and invisible worlds, noble metals, vivid gemstones and brilliant diamonds are united to create both everyday and statement pieces with an edgy glamour. 

We are a fine jewelry company with a design ethos inspired by altruism and the human spirit. We are dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible sourcing. Our carefully selected suppliers follow strict labor and environmental standards and demonstrate a complete chain of custody for their gemstones. To reduce the demand for additional dirty gold mining, we use recycled gold. These precious metals come from secondary sources and are re-fined, meaning they are of the same high quality as newly mined metals.