The Gilded Lilly

Full Moon in Pisces
A mighty dreamer mood with all sorts of astrological setups amplifying this lunation... as the week unfolds impacting the tender sides of us. Take care of your heart.... while caring for all the family, friends, work you love. View XX...
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Capulet Cage
Inspired by the ancient tradition of Ritual. The Capulet brings our attention to our desires and dreams. As one spins the Paraiba mounted fob positioned at its apex, the star twirls igniting our highest field of consciousness, like wishing on...
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Black Obsidian... this sphere captures in its glory... ignites our sought after TRUTH. Go for it, go for it, and go for it. You may feel some discomfort.. wiggle through that and honor your discomfort because it’s ok to be...
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